Trail Workday Update

  • Hickory Creek Trail, 7/20/2019
  • Trail: Hickory Creek Trail

    volunteersAs is often the case, the weather in the valley does NOT match the weather in the wilderness, and this was true for the July workday. Weather at the trailhead was misty and foggy, as compared to relatively clear conditions in the valley. A small group of dedicated volunteers (Wanda Brown, Robert Edmondson, John Franetic, Amos Burrell, Jim Leatherwood, Roger Hansen, and Charles McCullough) joined ranger, Kevin Vasalinda on the Hickory Creek trail, tackling the never-ending blowdowns we’ve encountered throughout the wilderness. This is a pleasant trail that makes its way down to beautiful Rough Creek before joining the Conasauga River Trail along that river. The team cleared over a dozen blowdowns of various sizes and broke for lunch by the river – then the rain started. We decided to head back out when the rain appeared to persist...and then it REALLY started to rain! Great work by all, and many thanks to our volunteers.

    Thank you, again, to several volunteers who have continued to take weekday trips into the wilderness to continue the blowdown work on multiple trails.

    Many thanks to all our volunteers who worked hard to maintain our treasured Conasauga Wilderness trail system. We hope to see many of you on another workday in the near future. For more information on future workdays, stay tuned through our social website, Meetup.

  • Hickory Creek Trail, 7/20/2019
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