Trail Workday Update

  • Hickory Ridge Trail, 6/1/2019
  • Trail: Hickory Ridge Trail

    CDTV made it back out on the Hickory Ridge Trail on June 1, 2019. This trail has really been hit hard with blowdowns over the last year, and it took multiple workdays to complete that clearing. This Saturday was a very long day for the group, but the clearing of Hickory Ridge Trail was completed! Volunteers with hand saws took care of several smaller trees and limbs, and two crosscut saws were utilized to tackle four larger trees. Many thanks to volunteers John Franetic, Wanda Brown, Brad Gadberry, Eric Pierce, and Charles McCullough for all the hard work along this trail – it was a very long day, with the group making it back to the parking lot at around 7:00 pm. TALK ABOUT DEDICATION!!

    This summer, several volunteers have continued to take weekday trips into the wilderness to continue the blowdown work on multiple trails. We’ve made tremendous progress on the blowdowns with this addition of weekday trips. Our apologies for not having a complete listing of all volunteers who have contributed on the weekday trips; however, we wanted to include an additional announcement and message of thanks to the volunteers who have participated in these additional workdays.

    Many thanks to all our volunteers who worked hard to maintain a beautiful trail. We hope to see many of you on another workday in the near future. For more information on future workdays, stay tuned through our social website or Meetup.

  • Hickory Ridge Trail, 6/1/2019
  • Hickory Ridge Trail, 5/18/2019
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  • East Cowpen Trail, 7/7/2018
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